To help Per not having to spend all Wednesday night typing in scores from league nights we have a mobile app for entering scores and viewing results.

The app is a mobile website that allows you to:

Making software is hard, so we will still be using paper scoresheets as well. They'll function as a paper trail in case Andreas messed up when writing the software. If you have any questions find Andreas and ask him. Don't go to Per with questions about the mobile app.

The app is a mobile website. No download is necessary ahead of time. Just show up with your phone and you're all set.

Player check in & drawing groups

Player check in is unchanged. Go to the counter. Find your name. Add it to the bag.

Groups are drawn as normal. Eric will yell out your name as it's drawn. Your group will get a paper scoresheet as normal.

Designate a scorekeeper

Designate a single scorekeeper for your group. Anyone can view results, but you can avoid trouble by assigning a single person to enter scores for all your games.

Find your group in the app

Your scoresheet will look a little different. At the top you will see a 4 or 5 letter "secret" code. Go to http://sfpd.hgstrp.com and type in the "secret" code in the text box.

Add players

At first your group will look empty. It will just display a dropdown with all players. Use the dropdown to add players in the same order as on your scoresheet. Order matters as the first player selected will be picking the first game.

If you make a mistake you can remove players until the first game has been picked.

If you are in a three person group, pick only three players. Then choose your first game. Whoever has the worst score after 3 machines gets to pick the 4th machine.

Whoever has the worst score after 4 machines gets to pick the 5th machine.

Choose a game

After you have selected all players in your group you can scroll down and pick the first game. There is a dropdown with all functional games as Free Gold Watch.

The player whose turn it is picks a game. The scorekeeper uses the dropdown to find the game. This will take him or her to the results page.

Enter results

After the game has ended use the dropdowns to select the finishing position for each player. Click the save button when you're done.

If you had fat fingers and picked the wrong game use the "Remove game" button to remove the game and pick a new one.

After you save the results you are taken back to the previous page. Now you can view the results of the games finished so far and pick the next game.

Fixing mistakes

If you mistakenly enter the wrong results you can use the "edit" link to go back and change the results on a specific game.

Viewing overall results and standings

You can use the "Results" and "Standings" links in the menu to view individual results and overall standings respetively.

Add the app to your home screen

For easy access you can add the SFPD app to your home screen. You'll get to display the awesome SFPD logo to all your friends.